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Learning to drive with Glad - AmandlaT

06 Oct 2016


It was a pleasure to learn how to drive with Glad. She is open, honest, reliable and patient and will do her best to give you the skills you need to pass your test and stay as safe on the roads as possible. Couldn't recommend this lady enough. Thank you Glad,




Excellent instructor - SarahP-112

05 Aug 2016


Glad is a very calm, reliable instructor who not only teaches you how to pass a driving test but has also helped me learn skills which will benefit me while driving after passing too. I found Glad incredibly helpful as she never once raised her voice at me no matter how many silly mistakes I made and also then taught me how to learn from those mistakes too. Glad is also very flexible when it comes to lessons, constantly working around my schedule. Overall a very friendly, brilliant teacher and I can't thank Glad enough for helping me pass first time with only 3 minors, couldn't have done it without her guidance!



Look no further - TraceyM-40

28 May 2016


Glad is a highly experienced instructor who has taught two generations of our family to drive. She can adapt to all types of student,young or old,male or female, nervous or confident.She has a relaxed approach and is totally flexible to your needs both in the car and in timing of lessons and pick up and drop off points.Her lessons are competitively priced and I highly recommend her as an instructor.


Passed first time - DanielleC-16

05 May 2016


Glad is a brilliant instructor, puts you at ease on your lessons even if your having an off day she will Give u loads of good advice. I was a very nervous person on my lessons and I don't think I would have passed without all her tips and help . Would recommend to anyone


Excellent Instructor - CaraP-2

25 Apr 2016


Glad is an excellent instructor, keeps herself and you calm even when you make mistakes, she also talks you through the mistakes and gets you to think about the your actions instead of just telling you them. She listens to you and if your not sure of something she will always have a different way of explaining things until you understand. Glad will never leave a bad lesson ( We all have them from time to time) on a negative note she will always find something positive to say. Could not have asked for a better driving instructor


Fantastic Instructor! - KarlI

20 Apr 2016


Glad is a brilliant instructor, and she never got frustrated when I had an off day with my lessons. She left me with the utmost confidence, and I'm hugely thankful that I've learnt under her guidance. Very professional, yet also very easy going. Would thoroughly recommend!


Absolutely fantastic instructor - ElaineW-10

12 Feb 2016


Glad is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend her to everyone I know. She really helped rebuild my confidence after almost a decade away from driving and several test fails. I thought I'd never have the confidence to pass my driving test and today I passed- thanks to Glad's patience and excellent instruction. She's an absolutely lovely person and I'm going to miss our weekly lessons!


Highly recommend, couldn't ask for more in a driving instructor - DianneI

18 Dec 2015


I chose Glad at Drive On based on these reviews and it's no surprise that there are so many great ones. Glad is a brilliant instructor and really makes sure you are well prepared for the test. Anything I was struggling with she made sure was sorted and any issues I had in private practice she incorporated into the lessons. Glad keeps a record of how you are progressing and which areas you have covered so I never felt that I was being rushed or that lessons weren't progressing quickly enough. I took 2 hour lessons due to my location and I'd really recommend this as you can cover so much in the time.


Glad is also very patient, friendly and chatty which makes for a good atmosphere when learning. Thanks to this and her expert teaching I passed first time with just 3 minors after learning for around 6 months.


Lovely person and brilliant teacher - I highly recommend Glad at Drive On if you are looking for a driving instructor in the Dundee area.


GREAT driving instructor!!! - JuliantyJ

16 Dec 2015


I passed first time on my driving test with one minor!

I had another instructor when I first started learning and I found myself not improving much. I then changed to Glad from Drive On and I was so very glad that I did! I learnt so much from her and improved tremendously! She is EXTREMELY good in teaching how to drive.

She is also very good in handling situations when I make a mistake. The way she handled my mistake encouraged me to drive well and safely, and constantly want to improve. She is very honest and wants the best for her student — to improve and drive safely so that it will be safe for me and the road users when I drive on my own. I would DEFINITELY recommend Glad!!!!


Brilliant instructor! - Laura_C_03

19 Nov 2015


I passed first time after taking lessons for around 9 months, which I never thought I would do when I started! Glad, the instructor, is very good at calming and re-assuring you, which is great for people who are really nervous (like I was initially!). She is friendly and easy to relate to. You are taught everything you need to be a safe and competent driver. The lessons gradually build you up to going on to bigger challenges but you don't feel rushed. I would highly recommend Drive On to anyone thinking of taking lessons.