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Being a safer driver not only benefits you, but other road users and anyone else in the car with you. Whether you have recently passed your driving test, or you have been driving for a while, it is never too late to want to improve your driving skills. With Pass Plus courses offered by Drive On in Dundee, you can learn safe practises and habits which will benefit you for a lifetime of driving.

Would you like to be a safer driver?

• Pass Plus

• Defensive driving lessons

• Female driving instructor

• All drivers welcomed

• All ages catered for

• Competitive rates

Cost-effective Pass Plus courses for all drivers

As well as helping to make you a safer driver, taking a Pass Plus course also has the advantage of potentially lowering your car insurance premiums. Thanks to your safer driving skills, insurance companies appreciate that you potentially cause less of a risk on the road, when compared to other drivers, and are therefore willing to offer lower car insurance premiums. For more details on Pass Plus courses in Dundee, contact us today.

Pass Plus courses can help to lower car insurance premiums

To arrange to take a Pass Plus course in Dundee, call

01382 529 776 or

07855 868 877

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